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I am an Australian visual artist based in London and believe we are here to look after each other, including those who are different to us. I make art to connect with strangers. Our generation faces the consequences of man-made climate change, and art is my way of expressing the difficult emotions aroused by this threat. All my artworks are questions: this is how I feel about this subject; how do you feel? 

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March 2021 – ‘New Era’ virtual show at Number 23 Gallery
featuring ‘No Smoke…’, ‘Letter to America’ & ‘Proposal’

March 2021 – Wandsworth Art ‘Framed’ lamppost banner group show in London, SW15

Most works are now available to purchase as high quality A4 prints. The perfect gift for friends and family. Details and new works on ‘Paperworks’ page.

Six bushfire paintings on ‘Recent’ page. Please email me to request a copy.



‘Anticlocks’ – These are four A6 postcards for individuals to send to MPs. This is not to instil despair but to remind our democratically elected politicians that we can wean ourselves off fossil fuels, but we have to do it now. On the reverse it says: ‘Ecocide is a crime against humanity; in change there is hope’. Please email me to order a set of 4 cards to send to your MP, councillors and leaders and give to your friends.
£5 for 4 cards and the first 10 orders will be sent free.

A cheeky appropriation of Tate Members handout on my youtube channel

Fantasy postcards of ‘sold’ works to raise funds for the climate crisis,
featuring a stop sign, a red dot and a circle representing a clockface
with years left to when it’s too late to stop feedback loops
with devastating consequences.

See Paperworks tab for full range of designs

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