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Kate Pellegrini is an Australian living in London. Her artwork draws from her Interior Design training, sketching familiar landscape and figurative motifs to play with positive and negative space, which represents her selective perception. She uses saturated colours, gestural brushstrokes and accidental marks to enrich, invigorate and capture an emotional response to the subject in oil & acrylic paint, inks, printing, mixed media and collage techniques. Over the last decade, she has sold still life paintings, townscapes and landscapes in the Mackenzie and Skylark Galleries and Art Fairs, where she exhibited in group and solo shows, and online galleries. In 2015 Pellegrini won the Drawing Prize at the PSAD summer show.

Since late 2017 Pellegrini has experimented with her new signature ‘Colourscripts’, which feature obscure text over expressive gestural painting so the background colour comes forward. It represents the unheard voice and is a form of hieroglyph or code. These new works were launched in early 2019 at Studio 73 Brixton Village and also Putney Arts Theatre for the borough’s Artists’ Open House, and 4 canvases were exhibited at Candid Arts Islington for their ‘Outsider Artists’ show. The subjects were initially autobiographical, and later have become more political as she has focused on world events. Her painting ‘The Human Chain’ was published in ‘Quotations’ by Andy Wild.

Her most recent subject is the environmental and climate crisis, and the urgency of ecosystems collapsing. She identifies with the potential for humanity to change course if there is enough collective will and we all act now, for the future security of generations to come.

Kate is mostly self-taught after completing a BTEC HND diploma in Drawing and Painting in 1999. She has been attending Experimental Media classes at PSAD run by Gavin Maughling since 2006. The class encourages her to think outside her normal modus operandi, and informs her exploration of sculpture, artist books, printing, continuous scrolls, site specific installations, mixed media and performance art. It continues to inform her painting.

Solo Exhibitions
2019 Wandsworth Artists Open House at Putney Arts Theatre
2019 Putney Library
2019 Studio 73 Brixton Village
2016 Windsor Contemporary Art Fair
2015 Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair
2013 Untitled Artists Fair – Chelsea Town Hall
2010 Untitled Artists Fair – Chelsea Town Hall
2007 Landmark Arts Centre Midsummer Show
2007 Putney Arts Theatre – one artist show
2006 Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
2006 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Exhibition
2005 Work Shortlisted for Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy

Group Shows
2021 Wandsworth Art Framed lamppost banner exhibition
2021 Art Number 23 – ‘New Era’ virtual exhibition
2019 Radical Landscapes, Devon – group show
2018 Skylark Gallery – group show
2016 PSAD Student Show
2015 PSAD Student Show – winner of Drawing Prize
2014 Landscape of Change Exhibition – Curated group show in Stoke Newington
2014 Wandsworth Artists Open House – with Sheila Roe
2012 Regular exhibitor at Mackenzie Gallery Teddington
2011 Guildford Arts – Clyde & Co Solicitors’ Office group show
2010 Windsor Art Fair 2009 October Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2009 Untitled Gallery Group Summer Show at 9 Adam Street, London W1
2008 Putney Arts Theatre Group Summer Show
2008 Bristol Affordable Art Fair – Skylark stand

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