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I’m interested in perception: how our focus determines what we see -physically, philosophically and psychologically. My painting style has developed over many years, using a variety of media including oil paint, acrylic paint, ink and pastel and mixed media. I’ve exhibited in many galleries and art fairs for the last 30 years. My artwork is divided into distinct areas: my new ‘Colourscript’ pieces, Representational and Abstract.

The new signature ‘Colourscript’ work explores lettering featuring difficult to read writing, referring to hieroglyphs, code and language. The text represents the unheard voice and the message has become more political as my work has developed. Combining text and colour on the canvas gives me a huge ‘vocabulary’ to create variations on a theme- a process I am finding endlessly exciting. I aim to engage with those confused by what modern art is about. Drawing words on the surface spells out the inspiration behind the work’s creation but as the writing is difficult to read, the viewer can bring their interpretation to it. Art questions who we are now; drawing written art places my views in these universal questions.

The text varies for each piece, from mini monologues or poems commenting on the age we live in or my personal experience, to writing by poets that moves me. I’m also interested in the shapes of word-making and the physical process of calligraphy as drawing. Transcripts of the works are displayed beside the work. I paint so I can experiment; oil or acrylic painting allows me to change my mind whilst writing the words so it becomes integral with the image.

The representational work draws on my architectural training. The images are generated by making drawings and taking photographs on location of views or figures, in the UK, Australia and Europe. The work is a layering of building, landscape or scenic motifs, which are simplified to develop ambiguous spatial relationships, in order to reflect the way I perceive my surroundings. The paintings rely heavily on drawing, and also incorporate my emotional response to being there. Charcoal, mixed media and collage techniques are often used to generate ideas and clarify and identify the elements of a composition which are then worked up into larger paintings. Mixed media works can incorporate found objects or random materials and offer endless permutations to the works.

The abstract paintings are based on poems or memories that have moved or inspired me by the imagery evoked in the language. The poetry provides the springboard for visual images, which ranges from large, door sized, stretched and unframed canvases, featuring impasto oil paint to small postcard sized watercolours.

I have been attending Experimental Media classes at Putney School of Art and Design, run by Gavin Maughling, for many years. The class is very stimulating because it forces me to think outside my normal modus operandi, and this informs my artwork and takes it in unexpected directions. Through this class I explore sculpture, artist books, printing, continuous scrolls, site specific installations and performance.

Solo Exhibitions
2019 Wandsworth Artists Open House at Putney Arts Theatre
2019 Putney Library
2019 Studio 73 Brixton Village
2016 Windsor Contemporary Art Fair
2015 Islington Contemporary Art and Design Fair
2013 Untitled Artists Fair – Chelsea Town Hall
2010 Untitled Artists Fair – Chelsea Town Hall
2007 Landmark Arts Centre Midsummer Show
2007 Putney Arts Theatre – one artist show
2006 Battersea Contemporary Art Fair
2006 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital Exhibition
2005 Work Shortlisted for Summer Exhibition at The Royal Academy

Group Shows
2019 Radical Landscapes, Devon – group show
2018 Skylark Gallery – group show
2016 PSAD Student Show
2015 PSAD Student Show – winner of Drawing Prize
2014 Landscape of Change Exhibition – Curated group show in Stoke Newington
2014 Wandsworth Artists Open House – with Sheila Roe
2012 Regular exhibitor at Mackenzie Gallery Teddington
2011 Guildford Arts – Clyde & Co Solicitors’ Office group show
2010 Windsor Art Fair 2009 October Affordable Art Fair, Battersea
2009 Untitled Gallery Group Summer Show at 9 Adam Street, London W1
2008 Putney Arts Theatre Group Summer Show
2008 Bristol Affordable Art Fair – Skylark stand

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