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Black and White


Price On Application

Ink and felt pen on paper

61 x 61 cm


This piece is another version of my poem ‘Re-reading’ written as a pink screen or framework under the surface. The poem is about race and doubt, placing me in a historical context, describing when my psychological and political views were formed, and the painting is about perception, asking the viewer whether the writing or the image dominate. The background is comprised of different skin colours – white, brown, black and yellow. In this age of polarisation and rampant nationalism, I believe we would do well to remember that we are in this world together and should try to get along. Philip Roth’s ‘The Human Stain’ is a novel about race, identity, and how we present ourselves to our peers and even those most intimately connected with us. I used this as the starting point for the text and also the painting.


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