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Bushfires Series

Price on Application

Unframed 40 x 30 x 4 cm

Oil, ash and charcoal on canvas

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December 2019

The motif is a view of Australian forest in the summer of 2019/20, and the source image and title came from the commentary reaching me in England. This a series responding to the horrific scenes from my native Australia, as ecosystems and homes are destroyed, and countless animals and residents’ lives are disrupted beyond reckoning. This was due to a combination of extremely high temperatures, dry tinder from drought stricken bush and forest, and high winds, leading to the perfect conditions for raging bushfires to spread. All six states and territories were affected, with the exception of Tasmania.

Australia’s recent record on reducing carbon emissions is woefully inadequate, and the government is rightly called to account for continuing to protect coal mining and fossil fuel industries, while the country burns. As scientists confirm, the fires are not caused by global heating, but the climate crisis is making conditions worse, by drying and heating the continent.

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