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A continuing strand of artworks are collages incorporating plastic waste, magazines and advertisements as art materials to make a Chessboard, which is a strategic and intellectual game. Plastic packaging is woven through magazine images of nature, consumerism or fashion, which have become contentious issues in this existential and environmental crisis. I like the surprise of crossing 2 images that are not related, which are inextricably linked to our time and place, to make a new and completely different and usually abstract image.

Art is the most logical place for plastic as it has such a long life, is made using high production values and comes in a huge variety of colours. At least these particular plastic pieces won’t end up in landfill or the oceans. Plastic reflects light differently so the images shimmer slightly with suggested movement.

Five collages using packaging and found materials are also shown, on various subjects: joy, consumerism and Fairtrade.
1 ‘Mango’ – a cutout made from an apple and mango juice carton. The text reads: ‘You are the mango in the apple juice of my life’
2 ‘Trade’ – The text reads: ‘Fairtrade: Why is there any other trade’
3 ‘Exception’ – The text reads: ‘Why is fairtrade the exception’
4 ‘Trade II’ – The text reads: ‘What if all trade was fair’
5 ‘Toothpaste’ – The text reads: ‘Why is it ok to sell toothpaste in plastic tubes’

Most works on this website can be ordered as high quality Giclee prints, in A4 size (21 x 30 cm).
£30.00 each, or 4 for £100.00 including postage to Europe. They will be posted with a signed Certificate of Authenticity.

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