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Descent – sold


Framed 58 x 88 cm

50 x 80 cm

Acrylic on Canvas


A variation on my written piece ‘Competition’ over a scene of the moat garden at Windsor Castle. I made the under-painting in 2016 at a painting competition held as part of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations. I wrote the poem musing about the anxiety of competition and the process of painting, and incorporated the poem into my painting in 2018, so the work took effectively 18 months to make.

The title ‘Descent’ is a pun on inheritance, the topographical features of a moat, inherited title and the hierarchical class structure of English society, which was brilliantly illustrated by John Cleese and Ronnies Barker and Corbett in the TV sketch (spoiler alert punchline – ‘I know my place.’)


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