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Drop In The Ocean

Acrylic paint on plastic trays

1.5 x 3.5 m


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I approached a local primary school art co-ordinator about a pilot cross subject project, which was made in mid June 2019. The photos show the installation of the plastic pieces painted by most of the children in the school and the final result. Following on from its success I would like to collaborate with other  schools to make a bigger splash.

The children made a ‘plastic river’ or ocean-like surface using repeated pieces with individual variations, which were joined to make a large composition. This project represents the complexity of biodiversity, the ocean as an ecosystem which needs to be looked after and also demonstrates the longevity of artificial materials, promoting mindfulness about the waste we generate, and how we dispose of it. By using the plastics as an art surface, this is one bit that won’t end up in the water systems. This follows on from my new theme of environmental art and the way people interact with our natural resources. We are only now accepting that we cannot outsource our dirty waste to someone else by shipping it across the globe. Plastics may be useful, but the cost to the ecology and the damage they do to wildlife is only now broadly recognised as unacceptable.

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