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Letter To America

May 2020

Price On Application

Oil on canvas 50 x 75 cm

60 x 85 cm (with frame)

Price includes white painted wooden frame



This painting is about global warming, with a personal letter transcribed on the surface. It is an appeal to the President to exercise his rule breaking tendencies for the good of mankind to Make America Green Again:

You clearly have a radical approach to governing and are prepared to break rules and try the unthinkable. You realise the current system does not help ordinary people and are committed to Make America Great Again. This is arguably your most important quality for the global crisis we are facing.

You could save the human race, by providing promised bailouts and concessions to fossil fuel corporations, on condition that they 1) stop extraction immediately, 2) restore nature, 3) divest to green technology and energy and 4) support indigenous peoples. They must appoint Science and Environmental Directors to their Boards, and an independent consultant would ensure every decision that affects the environment is good for all species.

You would go down in history as a brave knight, the fiercest weapon against the tide of destruction now sweeping the globe, and your country will be hailed as the hero of the hour. You will rest easy knowing you have done the best for your country and the world in your time as President. Your critics will be stunned into silence!

Covid19 is devastating your people, with thousands of personal tragedies rocking the nation and proving how vulnerable humankind can be. Existing rules no longer apply because the system is broken, and radical solutions need to be found.

I urge you to consider this proposal seriously; you are our best hope for success, and taking this step will ensure the 45th President is referred to as the greatest of them all.


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