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Make Britain Green Again

May 2020

Price On Application

Oil on canvas 50 x 75 cm

60 x 85 cm (with frame)

Price includes white painted wooden frame



This painting is about global warming, with a letter transcribed over a greening flag, to the Prime Minister to initiate a Green New Deal. The writing says:

Covid19 is devastating our people, with thousands of personal tragedies rocking the nation and proving how vulnerable we are. Existing rules and promises no longer apply. You clearly have a radical approach to governing and are prepared to break rules and try the unthinkable, and you are committed to Make Britain Great Again. This is arguably your most important quality for the global crisis we are facing.

You say you love your country, but you have spent the recent past sowing seeds of division and distrust, and your Party has created austerity and endorsed the dismantling of our beloved NHS. However, your reputation of trustworthiness could be salvaged by promising bailouts and concessions to fossil fuel companies, on condition that they 1) stop extraction immediately, 2) restore nature, 3) divest to green technology and energy and 4) implement a Five Year Green New Deal. Taking this step is the only way to make you a worthy successor to your hero, Winston Churchill.

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