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Nanna’s Garden


Price On Application

Framed (78 x 108 cm)

70 x 100 cm

Acrylic on canvas

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Remembering the intense heat and uphill climb as we visited my grandmother when I was a child, when we all piled out of the car and trudged up the garden steps to reach the house.

The text reads from the bottom of the canvas to the top:

We arrived at noon.
Bundled out of the car up fifteen flights
of brick stone steps round twisting paths
through heavy high heat past splendid tended
shrubs and trees all pruned correctly.
At the top the roses sweet pink and white
crowning the whole with thorns and blooms
her pride and joy. A final grand flight
to the grave front door, across golden carpet
‘Stay on the runners!’ then down to the dungeon
to wait for the call to lunch.

The white wooden frame is included in the price.

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