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Squabbling Species – Water

Ink on watercolour paper

1.5 x 2.5 m


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This multi-panelled ink work lists water species that are extinct in the wild, critically endangered or vulnerable as listed by various online sources. When the individual pieces are put together they appear as a cacophany of separate voices competing to be heard, a visual representation of the human-induced sixth mass extinction that is unfolding now. Amongst our horror are deniers and fools who don’t believe it’s as bad as the environmentalists make out, as if it is a matter of faith. Meanwhile the ‘silent majority’ die in their millions- lost forever through loss of habitat, progressive mining of virgin territories, rising mean temperatures, industrialised farming, rising greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation.

The individual pieces measure 28 x 19 cm and will be printed in a book to order, as well as displayed in a composite form. Please email for a quote for the book.

Price on Application

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