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Timelayers – Sold

Oil on canvas

70 x 190 x 2 cm


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This is a detail of a much larger image. The whole painting is door sized – 70 cm wide x 190 cm high.

The ‘Killing Time’ series is based on Simon Armitage’s brilliant poem of the same title, commissioned by the Millennium Committee. The thousand line poem is divided into sections, which explore different aspects of man’s relationship with his fellow man, and the state of civilisation at the beginning of the 21st Century. The poem provided the springboard for my painterly investigations.

‘Timelayers’ sets the past, present and future in the air, people and geological history respectively: ‘Up there is the clean unknowable future, waiting to rain down, waiting to drop….the present extends from our crowned heads to the down-at-heel…..Below stairs- that’s where rust and soot and dust and bone are packed hard, becoming stone…’

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