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We Are Here To Connect I


Price On Application

40 x 30 cm

Acrylic on canvas



The writing on this series is: ‘We are here to connect with each other; with friends and strangers ourselves we discover’. These paintings seemed like old fabric or carpet fragments after I had finished them, with the writing ‘framing’ the image of daisy chain figures, looking like stitching. I live in London and want to connect with friends in my neighbourhood, family in Australia, and strangers in far-flung places that I will never visit. What binds us all is our common humanity.

My new subject is Climate Change and the sixth mass extinction brought on by human exploitation of the planet.

Change Climate Change Proposal: As Lockdown restrictions gradually ease an Arts Festival is broadcast for 2 days in October 2020 over freeview and subscription channels, hosted in select countries of different time zones, to provide a running commentary on the programme and its goals. The films are made by individuals and collectives with local journalists, scientists and activists interviewing, fact checking and commenting on local actions.

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